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Raiyama Officer
Attack: 11
Defense: 16
Race Human
Role Tank
Attribute Discipline

Thunder Tsuppari: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage if the Raiyama Boost is owned; Raiyama's Attack increases by 21 and Defense by 87 if the Raiyama Boost is owned

(4,715 damage)

The battlesuited sumo wrestler was impressed with your fighting prowess when the two of you clashed in the ring. But what impressed him far more was your unfailing sense of duty to the Princess. To a man who had become accustomed to the vicious, greedy, self-absorbed world of Twisted Steel, such a show of courage and honor seemed like a lone jewel shining through the brutality and depravity. So he followed you across space, and offered to fight by your side.
Obtained from

Mission Boss: Warmaster Kardoc (Zone 5.5)

Required In

Zone 10, Area 1
Item Hunt: Red Thunder