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Ragnar Officer
Attack: 10
Defense: 7
Race Human
Role Ranged
Attribute Strength

Brute Force: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage if Ragnar's Omnicidal Axe is owned; Extra damage if the Cybernetic Surgery Receipt 3 or Cybernetic Surgery Receipt 4 are owned (+28,700 each); Extra damage if Ragnar Proc Boost II is owned (+717,500;+2,050,000 vs. Elites)

Ragnar's Attack increases by 3 each if Cybernetic Surgery Receipt 1 or Cybernetic Surgery Receipt 2 are owned. Ragnar's Attack and Defense increase by 140 if Ragnar Stat Boost2 is owned

Ragnar's friends describe the mercenary as a brutal, barbaric, omincidal lunatic. His enemies say nothing, since they're usually decomposing scattered fragments. Like many Niflung warriors, he loves to wield an axe. And thanks to his surgically enhanced body, he's able to use a rather powerful machinegun with his other hand.
Obtained from

Mission: Jungle (Zone 2.1) - Quest: Rumble in the Jungle (Normal Only)

Used in the following

Lab: Ragnar2


Brute Force contributed 1,086,008 damage(vs. non-Elite) - owned:Ragnar's Omnicidal Axe,Ragnar Proc Boost II,Cybernetic Surgery Receipt 3 and Cybernetic Surgery Receipt 4 Brute Force contributed 2,815,054(3,092,655) damage (vs.Elite)