LotS/Pumpkin Pirate Sword

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Pumpkin Pirate Sword Off Hand
Attack: 888
Defense: 0
Pumpkin Pirate Sword
Jack o' Larceny: Chance for bonus damage (9% @ 256,250); additional damage against Operation raids (1,588,750); additional damage against Parasite raids (666,250; Max: 1,998,750); Increases chance to critical strike against Besalaad raids

(vs Ops max DPS = 9663)

There's a reason the forces of evil prefer to slash and stab idiotic teenagers in horror movies, rather than picking them off with sniper rifles or bombing them from space. Pumpkin Pirates appreciate the dramatic and psychological effects of hacking an enemy to death.
Obtained from

Besalaad Commander - Hard only

Proc Rate


Proc Damage (minimum)


Proc Damage (cap)