LotS/Pumpkin Pirate Leg Armor

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Pumpkin Pirate Leg Armor Pants
Attack: 888
Defense: 0
Pumpkin Pirate Leg Armor
Jack o' Larceny: Chance for bonus damage (9% @ 256,250); additional damage against Operation raids (1,588,750); additional damage against Parasite raids (666,250; Max: 1,998,750); Increases chance to critical strike against Besalaad raids

(vs Ops max DPS = 9663)

Although most Pumpkin Pirates wear similar outfits, only the helmet is actually mandatory -- and even that can be modified with different flame colors, according to a wearer's preferences. The pirates are allowed to dress however they want, assuming it suits the general flavor, and prizes are awarded to those with the best costumes (judged according to various factors, such as how many people lose control of their bodily functions upon seeing them during a robbery).
Obtained from

Strange Parasite - Hard only
Pumpkin Pirate Scavenger - Hard only

Proc Rate


Proc Damage (minimum)


Proc Damage (cap)