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Psi Officer
Attack: 47
Defense: 8
Race Human
Role Ranged
Attribute Discipline

Psi in the Sky: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Psychic raids; Extra damage against Pi

(100,450 damage, 134,890 damage against Psychic raids)

Susan Psorza is a mild-mannered mathematics professor by day (mild-mannered by the standards of her student-hating, sarcasm-ridden occupation, anyway). But by night... Well, one supposes she's still technically a mathematics professor -- since the job title persists rather than evaporating at dusk like some kind of reverse phantom. However, she teaches very little actual mathematics during the nocturnal hours. Instead she transforms into her alter-ego (or puts on more eye-catching and immodest attire, at least), and uses her psionic powers to wage war against Pi -- the irrational number-reciting villainess responsible for the decline in funding which Professor Psorza's department has experienced since that sinister woman began her crime wave.
Obtained from


Required In

Item Hunt: Grand Hujing of the First Emperor