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Pinkie Officer
Attack: 277
Defense: 152
Race Vlarg
Role Ranged
Attribute Intellect

Why Is It Inside Out: Chance for bonus damage(10% @ 1,435,000); Extra damage against Alien Beast raids for each unique Utility owned(+17,220); Spoil and consume a Plan for World Domination to inflict additional damage(+7,175,000); Pinkie gains 1 Attack and Defense for every 5 different Utilities owned; Increases critical strike chance against Alien Beast raids by 1%
Vlarg assassins are a rare species, as a body covered in fur is prone to leaving copious amounts of DNA evidence at the scene of a murder. To combat this, those that do trade in subtle killings tend to minimize that possibility.

For this reason alone, if a hairless Vlarg walks into the room, find another place to be.

Obtained from

Limited Time Item (75 GS)
Expedition Pack (Current)


Trivia: This is a reference to the popular animated TV series that ran from 1993-1998. YouTube Wikipedia
List of items: Utility (269)