LotS/Operative Bao

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Operative Bao Officer
Attack: 62
Defense: 40
Race Vlarg
Role Melee
Attribute Strength

Operative Bao
Jaguar's Claws: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Non-Alliance raids; Extra damage for each unique Sian Assassin item owned; Extra damage if Operative She is in the ship; Extra damage for each Sian Assassin in the ship; Operative Bao's Defense increases by 4 for each Roving Undergraduate in the ship
The codename 'Bao' means 'Jaguar', and no one who's seen one of his victims would be left in any doubt as to why he chose it. Like all the empire's assassins, Bao's trained in a wide variety of weapons and other forms of administering death. However, perhaps because of his species, he's most at home using claw weapons to inflict a gory demise.
Obtained from

Expedition Pack (Retired)