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Octopus Officer
Attack: 46
Defense: 46
Race Robot
Role Special
Attribute Special

Eight of Everything: Chance for bonus damage against Mechanized raids; This item has 8 different damage procs, each with its own separate chance to trigger (multiple procs are possible on the same hit) (damage procs starting from 28,700 (10%) to 229,600 (3%)- stepping by 28,700; SP +2,160 vs. Mechanized)
"In an effort to destroy Octagon (with the English language as collateral damage), our enemies have created H8. This robot poses severe danger to members of our team, and I believe I must render immediate assistance via the body Octavian created for me." -- Octopus, the artificial intelligence of Octagon's spacecraft
Obtained from


Proc Rate


Proc Damage (minimum)


Proc Damage (cap)