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Octavian Officer
Attack: 49
Defense: 49
Race Human
Role Special
Attribute Intellect

Octavian of Octagon: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Alliance raids; Extra damage if 1000 is in the ship; Octavian's Attack increases by 2 if Sekiz is in the ship, and Defense by 8 if Acht is in the ship
"The other team members frequently refer to Octavian as a 'nerd', due to his habit of reading for pleasure and using correct grammar. On several occasions, Acht went so far as to attempt to demonstrate his disapproval for this behavior by administering a form of juvenile chastisement known as a 'wedgie' -- though these attempts ceased once Octavian invented and subsequently wore weaponized undergarments. However, in spite of this mockery, during missions the whole of Octagon follows his instructions without question, trusting to his leadership and tactical acumen." -- Octopus, the artificial intelligence of Octagon's spacecraft
Obtained from

Lab: Octavian