LotS/Nurse Hatchet

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Nurse Hatchet Officer
Attack: 18
Defense: 26
Race Robot
Role Healer
Attribute Agility

Nurse Hatchet
Cleanse: Chance for bonus damage; Chance to restore Health

(6,601 maximum damage)

An eccentric billionaire became obsessed with germs in his ailing winter years. He secluded himself within an isolated mansion, and ordered his servants to wage war on the place with disinfectant. But it occurred to him that his servants and nurses were themselves sources of filth. Who knew how many germs their organic bodies might harbor? So he fired them, and asked TALOS to build him a robot nurse instead. He demanded that she have combat capabilities as well as medical programming, so she could stalk and kill any paparazzi whose unclean bodies trespassed on his property.
Obtained from

Facilities: Academy