LotS/Novocastrian Honor Guard

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Novocastrian Honor Guard Crew
Attack: 11
Defense: 33
Race Human
Role Tank
Attribute Discipline

Novocastrian Honor Guard
Novocastrian Honor Guard gains 1 Attack if Sir Brallaghan or Keltron are in the ship
If one visits Buckingham Palace on Earth, one might encounter guards who famously remain silent and steadfast no matter how much tourists antagonize them. Attempting the same behavior towards a Novocastrian Honor Guard may prove rather more painful. According to popular rumor, a churlish visitor to the planet's eponymous castle was hit so hard with a plate-armored punch that he went back in time and received a second beating from Richard the Lionheart. Though one should be careful about believing everything one hears in Novocastria's public houses.
Obtained from

Limited Time Item (20 GS)