LotS/Nivag Colh

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Nivag Colh Officer
Attack: 20
Defense: 14
Race Vlarg
Role Melee
Attribute Special

Nivag Colh
Nivag's Pursuits: Nivag Colh's Attack and Defense increase for each Special (Role) crew in the ship
Nivag's family belonged to a traditional Vlarg hunting lodge, the kind of establishment where most of the interior walls were only presumed to exist -- since they'd been obscured by thousands of hunting trophies for decades. The Colhs had added their fair share of heads, tails, claws, carcasses, and weapons to this decor. And at first Nivag earned himself quite a reputation with his own youthful kills. Then he began to broaden his ambitions...

It was right and proper to demonstrate excellence, his peers agreed. But it should be done in respectable Vlarg endeavors -- not the winning of literary competitions held by the Mighty Rylattu Publishing House of Ultimate Might, or attaining victory in Snuuth brain-eating contests.

Obtained from

Shop: Zone 2+ (100 Credits)