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Mr. Falyx Officer
Attack: 29
Defense: 74
Race Human
Role Healer
Attribute Intellect

Mr. Falyx
Professional Superiority: Mr. Falyx's Attack and Defense increase for each Healer crew in the ship [+5/+5 per healer.]
With an exceptional mind and a hand as steady as a robot's, Mr. Falyx is regarded as being one of the best surgeons in all of human space. However, his disposition makes it rather difficult for people to tolerate him for any length of time. He's supremely arrogant, and some of his patients have remarked that putting up with his dry sarcasm was only marginally preferable to dying of their conditions. He can also be rather temperamental -- once storming out of a medical conference because someone accidentally referred to him as 'Dr. Falyx'. In his native culture, surgeons traditionally relinquish the title 'doctor'.
Obtained from

Starter Pack 1
Expedition Pack (Retired)
Limited Time Item (50 GS)
Death-Match II
Animal Adventures Vault
Alien Invader Vault


Previously, this officer was announced to give +5 Attack/Defense at level 5. That was a display bug, corrected on may, 8th 2014. Actual damage did not change.