LotS/Montreal Screwdriver

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Montreal Screwdriver Trinket
Attack: 81
Defense: 69
Montreal Screwdriver
You Screwed Montreal!: While equipped chance for bonus damage, Extra damage against Males if Vince Vortex's Helmet is equipped.

(1,127 damage, 22,550 if Vince Vortex's Helmet is equipped)

Sick and tired of the way Vince Vortex was running Twisted Steel, its champion – a fighter called Montreal – decided to defect. He secretly signed a contract with a rival promotion, and agreed to publicly leave Twisted Steel after beating his opponent at the next event. The other company’s executives planned to have Montreal throw his championship belt into a garbage can on one of their broadcasts, allowing them to strike a major blow against Twisted Steel’s credibility. But Vortex found out about their plot. During the match he went to ringside, distracted the referee, and tossed the opponent an Ironic Screwdriver specially calibrated to disable Montreal’s battlesuit – guaranteeing that he would lose the match, his title, and his life.
Obtained from

Vince Vortex

Reward Day: 3