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Mimzy Officer
Attack: 119
Defense: 119
Race Robot
Role Any
Attribute Special

"Oh, Crumbs!": Whenever an item with a fusion crystal inflicts proc damage, Mimzy has a (50%) chance to replicate that fusion crystals damage; Mimzy gains 1 Attack and Defense for every unique Robot crew member owned
Mimzy was originally created for World War Two reenactments. She excelled in that field, dabbling in every role from period pinup model to commando. However, due to a software glitch, possibly caused by excessive cosplay, the lines between simulated history and present-day reality blurred a little. This led to her brutally attacking a man on account of his dubious moustache (as it happened, he was a Charlie Chaplin impersonator) -- before cartwheeling around the room and declaring that she'd won the war.
Obtained from

Lab: Mimzy


Unique: You can only own one copy of this Officer.