LotS/Melanie Whitehead

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Melanie Whitehead Officer
Attack: 141
Defense: 99
Race Human
Role Melee
Attribute Agility

Melanie Whitehead
Dr. Elf: Chance for bonus damage (10% @ 358,750); additional damage against Male and Female raids (789,250); Melanie Whitehead dislikes Unwanted Festive Gift and will throw one for additional damage (+287k)
"You may have won this round, <Player>, but ELVES will rise again... Oh, who am I kidding? We suck. We'll never overthrow the Santocracy. It's going to be another red Christmas."

Melanie sighs.

"Hey... I'll probably get fired for this stunt. Don't suppose you have any jobs I could fill? I have a PhD in English literature!"

Obtained from

Elven Uprising

Proc Rate


Proc Damage (minimum)


Proc Damage (cap)



Unique: You can only own one copy of this Officer.