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Mega Chou Officer
Attack: 38
Defense: 59
Race Human
Role Tank
Attribute Strength

Mega Chou
"Wreck off, Street-Scav!": Chance for bonus damage; Extra Damage against human raids; Chance to block incoming damage; Increases Player's Stamina; Mega Chou gains 1 Attack, 5 Defense, and increased proc damage for each Vampire of the Void's Mark owned (Max: 5)

(+5 Stamina at level 1, goes to +25 Stamina at level 5/ 9.5% @ 129,150 damage, 157,850 damage against humans)

Like the rest of of the Blood Alley Gang's rough, tough, and linguistically absurd leaders, Mega Chou prides himself on being hard and brutal enough to have risen to the top in Drekchester. But he has a soft spot for children -- perhaps because if they don't grow up, he won't have any fresh recruits, new enemies to smash, or another generation of potential customers for the gang's products. Hence he sometimes engages in charity work with youngsters so he can set them on the 'right' path.
Obtained from

Mission Boss: Nosferatu Nick (Zone 14) - Nightmare Only

Required In

Item Hunt: Azrael War Cuirass
Item Hunt: mp


Mega Chou gains +1 ATK and +5 DEF and +300 proc damage for each of the Vampire of the Void's Mark owned, quantity cap at 5