LotS/Master Assassin Takahiro

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Master Assassin Takahiro Crew
Attack: 15
Defense: 11
Race Human
Role Melee
Attribute Agility

Master Assassin Takahiro
Player's Attack increases by 35 when Master Assassin Takahiro is in the active ship (SPE +28)
"He's an... eclectic... character, even by the standards of a profession which attracts more than its share of colorful, and indeed unhinged, individuals. The professional name he uses when dealing with clients, -- the Vampire -- isn't merely chosen for its shadowy, fearsome connotations. Rather it denotes his manner and lifestyle. He revels in the spilling of blood. Moreover, he's reported to enjoy consuming it after a successful kill. Such savage behavior renders him unsuitable for recruitment into the ranks of the Sian Empire's assassins, of course. However, on a freelance basis, when an appropriately intimidating message must be sent..." -- Wu Tenchu
Obtained from

Mission Boss: Noir (Zone 18)

Used in the following

Lab: Master Assassin Takahiro 2


Unique: You can only own one copy of this Crew.