LotS/Madman Moglub

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Madman Moglub Officer
Attack: 33
Defense: 27
Race Piscarian
Role Special
Attribute Discipline

Madman Moglub
Rugged Guide: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Alliance Raids

(63,140 damage/126,280 damage against alliance raids)

"Fish out of water... Funny. Real funny. Never heard that one before... You want to be a comedian, piss off and do it somewhere else -- unless you want a lesson in violent slapstick. Yeah, I live in a desert. And I'm a Piscarian. So what? I know these sands like you know bad jokes. That's why this tubby chef hired me to guide her. I could have got us back to town after our aircraft crashed. A few dozen miles through the desert? No problem. But I didn't know Wahsh Al-Sahraa would come for us. Guess you saved our asses... Okay, knock off the fish jokes and I'll buy you a drink." -- Madman Moglub
Obtained from

Wahsh Al-Sahraa