LotS/Lunatic Snaprax

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Lunatic Snaprax Officer
Attack: 57
Defense: 44
Race Snuuth
Role Melee
Attribute Strength

Lunatic Snaprax
Waste Not, Want Not: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Organic Humanoid or Psychic raids; Extra damage if Lunatic Klib is in the ship; Extra damge for each Lunatic Cutter in the ship; Lunatic Snaprax's Defense increses by 4 for each Lunatic Llama in the ship
"Watch out, contestants! It's Snaprax! The Lunatic who won't just kill you... He'll eat you as well! But he's a nice guy... He'll send his waste to your next of kin so they'll have something to stick in the coffin at your funeral!" - Lucy Lunacy, host of Lunatic Lottery
Obtained from

Lunatic Lottery Vault

Salvage Vault