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Lunatic Klib Officer
Attack: 58
Defense: 39
Race Rylattu
Role Ranged
Attribute Agility

Lunatic Klib
Mathematics of Murder: Chance for bonus damage (186,550 damage w/o crew or Snaprax on organic humanoid).; Extra damage against Organic Humanoid or Mechanized raids; Extra damage if Lunatic Snaprax is in the ship; Extra damage for each Lunatic Llama in the ship; Lunatic Klib's Defense increases by 4 for each Lunatic Cutter in the ship
"Klib! One of our most popular lunatics! The fans will never forget the time he shot a maths teacher in front of his pupils -- the poor bastard didn't even know his number had come up! -- and then stayed to give the kids a lesson on statistical probability." -- Lucy Lunacy host of Lunatic Lottery
Obtained from

Lunatic Lottery Vault

Salvage Vault