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Lunatic Cutter Crew
Attack: 15
Defense: 11
Race Human
Role Melee
Attribute Strength

Lunatic Cutter
Lunatic Cutter's Attack increases by 1 if Lunatic Klib is in the ship and Defense by 1 if Lunatic Snaprax is in the ship
"He's getting away! In a few more seconds he'll be on the train -- and the spoilsport local authorities won't let our Lunatics blow those up! Will he become the first contestant of the season to escape and win the big credit bonus? Just a few more steps... Oh! Unlucky! He fell for the old cutter-hiding-in-a-garbage-can trick! And so close too! I think some of his guts even made it inside the train before the doors closed!" -- Lucy Lunacy, host of Lunatic Lottery
Obtained from

Lunatic Lottery Vault

Salvage Vault


Players received two of this crew at a time.