LotS/Lucia the Cobra

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Lucia the Cobra Officer
Attack: 26
Defense: 18
Race Human
Role Melee
Attribute Intellect

Lucia the Cobra
The Cobra Strikes: Chance for bonus damage

(71,750 damage maximum)

When the Centurians conquered Sian they refused to allow imperial citizens to leave the planet. In doing so they trapped a Cobra in their midst, and signed the death warrants of dozens of their people. A murderess wanted in connection with the slayings of countless criminals, Lucia had intended to flee Sian until the Collective's arrival thwarted her plans. This angered her. But it did provide her with even more fitting targets for her wrath than the lowly gangsters and other such miscreants she had previously preyed on.
Obtained from

Centurian Storm Commander
Sludge Serpent

Required In

Item Hunt: Red Thunderstorm
Item Hunt: Azrael War Cuirass