LotS/Lork Jral Bul III

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Lork Jral Bul III Officer
Attack: 141
Defense: 139
Race Rylattu
Role Melee
Attribute Intellect

Lork Jral Bul III
Rylattu Roll: Chance for bonus damage (7.7% @ 861,000); Extra damage for each Rylattu crew in the active ship (+5,740)
"Lork Jral, bom-ba-ye! Lork Jral, bom-ba-ye!" -- Sound clip installed in Lork Jral Bul's boots by his human minions, which gets played whenever he executes the 'Rylattu shuffle'
Obtained from

Lab: Lork Jral Bul III


Unique: You can only own one copy of this Officer.