LotS/Lochagos Hellas

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Lochagos Hellas Officer
Attack: 81
Defense: 82
Race Human
Role Special
Attribute Special

Lochagos Hellas
Hellenic Heroism: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Organic Humanoid raids; Extra damage for each of the following in the ship: Eleni of Macedon, Heraclean Hoplite, Philoctetean Toxotes, Cleomedean Brawler, Machaonian Healer
Being a Greek superhero is somewhat dull. There's very little street crime in Greece, and there hasn't been any supervillain activity since Peisistratus seized control of the Acropolis with his club-bearers. Hence Lochagos Hellas had nothing to do except punch drunken tourists.

He decided to take his crime-fighting into space, in search of worthier challenges and to escape charges for grievous bodily harm.

Obtained from

Hellas Vault