LotS/Lady Emily the Psi-Hunter

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Lady Emily the Psi-Hunter Officer
Attack: 44
Defense: 21
Race Human
Role Ranged
Attribute Discipline

Lady Emily the Psi-Hunter
Great White Psi-Hunter: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Psychic raids; Extra damage against the Quiskan Psi-Hound

(91,840 damage / 129,150 damage against Psychic raids / 229,600 damage against Quiskan Psi-Hound)

"I say, where can a girl find something to shoot around here? If it's got a nice pelt I can take home and turn into a rug, that would be smashing. But I do like to keep it sporting. I only shoot things that could tear me in half if they had the bloody chance. And since I have a spot of the old psychic powers, I prefer to hunt creatures with their own psionic tosh. Fair play and all that, what?" -- Lady Emily
Obtained from

Quiskan Psi-Hound

Required In

Item Hunt: Grand Hujing of the First Emperor