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Kwank Jop Plon Officer
Attack: 32
Defense: 23
Race Rylattu
Role Ranged
Attribute Intellect

Kwank Jop Plon
Superior Technology (Passive): Increases Attack and Defense of equipped Armor (+1/+1 at Level 1, +5/+5 at Level 5; total +25/+25 if wearing 5 Armor pieces)
Once a wealthy arms trader and a celebrated designer of ultra-powerful death machines, Kwank Jop Plon's life came crashing down when he was caught selling restricted Rylattu technology to the Niflungs. His assets were seized, and he was exiled from his homeworld in disgrace. but not before he had the chance to carry out a little hacking, and discovered that it was the Centurian collective who had learned of his arms deal and reported him. No doubt they were unwilling to see one of their rivals in human space receive such advanced technologies.
Obtained from

Expedition Pack (Retired)



Only Armor pieces count, Main Hand, Off Hand, Utility, Trinket are not included.