LotS/Kanup Nund

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Kanup Nund Officer
Attack: 32
Defense: 89
Race Vlarg
Role Tank
Attribute Agility

Kanup Nund
Prey: Chance for bonus damage (143,500); Extra damage against Medium or Male raids (215,250)
Kana Nund was small as a child. Hence he was a prime target for the bullies who hunted him across the schoolyard. They called him 'Kanup' -- using the Vlarg suffix which denotes prey -- and they kicked him bloody whenever they caught him. Later in life, after hormonal modifications made him big and muscular, he tracked each of those former tormenters down and beat them senseless with his newfound strength. But he kept using the name 'Kanup' as a reminder of the weakness he'd overcome.
Obtained from