LotS/Human Son of Rashna

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Human Son of Rashna Crew
Attack: 25
Defense: 64
Race Human
Role Healer
Attribute Special

Human Son of Rashna
3. You tense, mental defenses at the ready, waiting to see if your attempt to test her patience will result in her leaping up and screaming for your death. But Rashna merely smiles and begins her prayer.

"Blessed mother, we thank me for this wonderful meal, for the love of our family, and for the heathen guest I've brought into our midst. May we forever bask in my infinite grace."

She traces a symbol in the air (it reminds you of a duck, but was probably meant to be something else), and the eating begins. This time you seize your dumpling unmolested. Crunchy bread and succulent goat are soon tantalizing your tongue.

"So..." you say. "Did you just pray to yourself?"

Obtained from

Mother Rashna Vault