LotS/Horrible Harriet

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Horrible Harriet Officer
Attack: 116
Defense: 195
Race Human
Role Ranged
Attribute Intellect

Horrible Harriet
Horrible Hell: Chance for bonus damage (10% @ 574,000); additional damage against Operations raids (+861,000); additional damage against Besalaad (+574,000); additional damage for owning the Pumpkin Pirate Gauntlets (+14,350; Max: 2,023,350); Horrible Harriet gains +5 Attack for owning the Pumpkin Pirate Leg Armor
"Tommy's pissed off," Harriet says. "You broke his arm."

"He shouldn't have attacked me," you say. "Anyway, he's lucky. Most people who do that end up dead."

"Look, these... things... whatever the hell they are... are more than we expected. We thought it'd just be a quick in and out, take-what-we-can-carry sort of job. So how about we make a deal? We'll help you clear the ship, and we'll split the salvage afterwards."

"Fine. But I get first pick of any doomsday weapons. I'm running low on those..."

Obtained from

Scavengers Scramble - Normal Challenge Only
Pumpkin Pirate Scavenger - Hard Only

Proc Rate


Proc Damage (minimum)


Proc Damage (cap)



Unique: You can only own one copy of this Officer.