LotS/Health Inspector Plorska

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Health Inspector Plorska Officer
Attack: 49
Defense: 99
Race Piscarian
Role Healer
Attribute Intellect

Health Inspector Plorska
"Close This Place Down!": Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each Quarantined Rylattu and Kakophage in the ship (10% @ 123,410 damage plus 5,740 for each crew); Extra Damage for each Orange Madman's Log owned (Max : 400) (+5,740/2,419,410 max; proc is capped at 18% base damage)
"Terrible! Blood and corpses everywhere! Space pox-infected corpses, no less! This bar will have to be closed down. Perhaps even burned to the ground, just to be on the safe side. Did you think this was an appropriate and responsible way to dispose of people infected with a dangerous disease, <Mr./Miss> <Player>? Well, I most certainly do not!" -- Health Inspector Plorska
Obtained from

Intergalactic Space Pox