LotS/Grinduk the Vortex Master

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Grinduk the Vortex Master Officer
Attack: 119
Defense: 190
Race Snuuth
Role Tank
Attribute Intellect

Grinduk the Vortex Master
Black Hole Market: Chance for bonus damage (10% @ 287,000); Extra damage for each Intellect crew in the ship (+5,740); Increases Player's Attack against Psychic raids by 250
The Vortex, Grinduk's store at the Blackpool Arcade, was once the target of a lawsuit filed by Twisted Steel's Vince Vortex -- who argued that it was making unauthorized use of his name. Since most of the jurors didn't appear to know what a vortex actually was, things might have gone badly for the jovial Snuuth. Then an act of televised violence put a stop to those legal proceedings.

Shane Vortex has taken a different approach, and bought a stake in Grinduk's establishment. After all, he argues, it never hurts to be in business with someone who seems to suck in illicit goods from across the entire galaxy.

Obtained from

Blackpool Arcade - Vortex

Proc Rate


Proc Damage (minimum)


Proc Damage (cap)



Unique: You can only own one copy of this Officer.