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Gera Marl Officer
Attack: 54
Defense: 55
Race Vlarg
Role Special
Attribute Intellect

Gera Marl
Information Warfare: Gera Marl's Attack and Defense increase for each Intellect crew in the ship (+5 Attack/Defense).
23. None of the assailants were left alive for interrogation -- all had been swept into hell by the manhunter and vigilante's combined fury. But it didn't matter. Kell knew how to get information from the dead. He took DNA samples and uploaded the data to Gera Marl. The Vlarg's team found the truth in minutes. Several of the assault team were known associates of the same notorious crime boss: Benz Manado. A little more hacking revealed that he was the manhunter's anonymous employer. He'd decided to eliminate Kell and the Reaper at the same time. Perhaps he didn't want to pay the bounty hunter's fee, or else had lost faith in him when he shot the pimps instead of the vigilante. Either way, he'd made himself a new enemy.
Obtained from

Expedition Pack (Retired)

Death-Match II

Animal Adventures Vault

Alien Invader Vault


Previously, this officer was announced to give +5 Attack/Defense at level 5. That was a display bug, corrected on may, 8th 2014. Actual damage did not change.