LotS/Flight Lieutenant Adrielle

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Flight Lieutenant Adrielle Officer
Attack: 79
Defense: 42
Race Human
Role Ranged
Attribute Agility

Flight Lieutenant Adrielle
Aerial Ace: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Normal or Hard raids; Extra damage for each of the following in the ship: Flight Sergeant Elizabeth, Glubuk, RAF Mechanic, Toxic Ranger Bomber, Toxic Ranger Spewer
12. Hunra Dex was no historian of any sort, let alone an expert on Earth's military past. Thus he perhaps didn't appreciate the full import of what he witnessed. But as a pragmatist he realized that the seemingly archaic aircraft were shredding his own fighters and bombers. More importantly, these unexpected attackers had delayed his armada long enough for the Novocastrians' powerful warships to appear. And the devastation they wrought on his fleet made his eyes bulge.
Obtained from

Expedition Pack (Current)