LotS/First Mate Amme

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First Mate Amme Officer
Attack: 64
Defense: 124
Race Piscarian
Role Tank
Attribute Discipline

First Mate Amme
Pass Down the Line: Chance for bonus damage (9% @ 287,000); Extra damage, and First Mate Amme's Attack and Defense increase by 1, for each unique Petty Drift Officer set item owned (including the Gravity Rifle, Kinetic Cutlass, Map to the Saloons of the Stars, and Temporal Ring) (+14,350, Max: 516,600)
"Are you questioning the captain's orders? That would be most... unwise." -- First Mate Amme
Obtained from

Expedition Pack (Current)

Proc Rate


Proc Damage (minimum)


Proc Damage (cap)



Unique: You can only own one copy of this Officer.