LotS/Field Tester Wiit

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Field Tester Wiit Officer
Attack: 140
Defense: 180
Race Rylattu
Role Special
Attribute Intellect

Field Tester Wiit
Thorough: Field Tester Wiit gains 5 Attack and Defense for each Field Data owned; Increases Player's Attack and Defense against Alien Beast raids by 50; Increases Player's Energy by 15
No Rylattu weapon can be considered a true Doomsday Device without rigorous testing against every shape and variety of life in the galaxy. This method of gathering data has been hotly debated in some corners of civilized space, but never in the presence of a Rylattu Field Tester. You never know whether they have an empty checkbox next to your species on their list.
Obtained from

Lab: Field Tester Wiit



Unique: You can only own one copy of this Officer.