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Felendis Officer
Attack: 60
Defense: 60
Race Human
Role Ranged
Attribute Special

With Beans: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage from each of these items if owned: Robo-Telemachus, Robo-Telemachus Badge, Anniversary Bot, Elephant Badge

(4% @ 205,020 Damage, +28,700 per item owned, max 319,820)

The Centurians have been known to engage in a number of sinister biological and surgical experiments on prisoners of war. But some of these don't go quite according to plan. For example, one subject was found to be missing, the wall of his cell smashed open as though from within. A guard's body was strewn upon the floor, next to an upturned dinner tray. The words "I ninja people... With beans!" were scrawled beside the corpse, written in the aforementioned foodstuff.
Obtained from

Lab: Felendis