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Eve Hernandez Officer
Attack: 70
Defense: 50
Race Human
Role Special
Attribute Discipline

Eve Hernandez
Human Spirit: Eve Hernandez's Attack and Defense increase for each Human crew in the ship (+5 Attack/Defense).
Eve Hernandez's organization, Anthrope-Hope, consider themselves to be unofficial ambassadors acting on behalf of all mankind. They travel the galaxy and introduce aliens to all the great achievements of human civilization, believing this to be the best way of building harmony between species.

That lofty task isn't without its challenges. For example, ignorant activists once firebombed their offices on Earth -- mistaking Anthrope-Hope for a xenophobic anthropist group because of their name.

Obtained from

Expedition Pack (Retired)

Eclectic Allies Vault


Previously, this officer was announced to give +5 Attack/Defense at level 5. That was a display bug, corrected on may, 8th 2014. Actual damage did not change.