LotS/Engineer Halbrek

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Engineer Halbrek Officer
Attack: 56
Defense: 257
Race Human
Role Tank
Attribute Intellect

Engineer Halbrek
Gears and Gore: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Mechanized raids; Extra damage for each of the following in the ship: Engineer Daniels, Halbrek's Bloodthirst Bot, Halbrek's Boom Bot, Daniels' Defender Bot, Daniels' Medic Bot
"Halbrek's predilection for robots bearing vicious bladed weapons may be the result of his obsession with violent videogames. However, a young gentleman of my acquaintance has similar tastes, and he's a perfectly... Oh. Well, perhaps he's not the best example. Let's keep an eye on Halbrek." -- Chief Assembler Wilex
Obtained from

TALOS Engineer and Robot Vault