LotS/Eid ul-Fitr Celebrant

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Eid ul-Fitr Celebrant Crew
Attack: 29
Defense: 29
Race Snuuth
Role Ranged
Attribute Agility

Eid ul-Fitr Celebrant
Eid ul-Fitr Celebrant gains 2 Attack for each of the following who are in the ship: Dr. Holiday, Enlightened Nar, Fawkes
Snuuth who've converted to Islam find Ramadan to be a grievous chore. In fact, some of them become atheists after the very first day of fasting, on the grounds that they couldn't support any deity who expected them to restrict their customary gluttony. However, those who endure the entire month more than make up for it by distinguishing themselves at the feasts which follow.
Obtained from

Happy Holidays Vault