LotS/Dragon Knight's Whelpling

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Dragon Knight's Whelpling Utility
Attack: 138
Defense: 137
Dragon Knight's Whelpling
Draconic Nibble: While equipped chance for bonus damage (205,000 damage)
2. "We've all seen the reports from Capek, and watched the footage of Fabricatrix Vespasia's dying words. Frankly, I never trusted that woman. What sort of political official dresses like a prostitute? Fine, Madam Speaker... I apologize to the honorable member from Wessex. Nevertheless, we now have evidence -- however problematic its legal status might be -- that the Centurians were attempting to foment what's tantamount to a civil war in TALOS space. How much longer will we allow them to act with impunity?" -- Lady Hollister, speaking at the Novocastrian Parliament
Obtained from

Expedition Pack (Retired)

Limited Time Item (40 GS)