LotS/Dragon Draasa

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Dragon Draasa Officer
Attack: 44
Defense: 74
Race Sussurra
Role Tank
Attribute Strength

Dragon Draasa
Dragon's Breath: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each unique Sussurran item owned; Chance to block incoming damage; Increases player's Attack for each Sussurra in the ship; Bonus player Attack for each Sussurran Demon in the ship (10% @ 112,750/+2,050; +5/+10 attack)
Sussurrae almost always don humanoid suits, to better facilitate their interactions with other species (it's rather easier to converse and empathize with someone who looks similar to than with an amorphous cloud of gas). However, some of the gaseous aliens prefer to let their creativity flourish by adopting more exotic forms. Dragon Draasa is one such Sussurra. Inspired by mankind's artwork and storytelling, he enjoys meeting humans in the guise of a drake.
Obtained from

Expedition Pack (Retired)

Limited Time Item (50 GS)