LotS/Dimetrodoned Snuuth

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Dimetrodoned Snuuth Crew
Attack: 20
Defense: 80
Race Snuuth
Role Tank
Attribute Agility

Dimetrodoned Snuuth
Dimetrodoned Snuuth's Attack increases by 1 if Sanka Jeern is in the ship
Jeff Salter's experiments didn't bring him love, but they did make him rich. Although there was a relatively limited market for vat-grown, imitation Dimetrodons, his work had a serendipitous byproduct: the creation of 'Dimetrodon Fight!'.

This drug gives users some of the physical characteristics of the eponymous Emergent, much to the delight (or indeed dismay) of anyone who encounters them.

Obtained from

Dimetrodon Riot