LotS/Dimetrodoned Huk-Kral

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Dimetrodoned Huk-Kral Crew
Attack: 38
Defense: 10
Race Huk-Kral
Role Melee
Attribute Strength

Dimetrodoned Huk-Kral
Dimetrodoned Huk-Kral's Defense increases by 2 if Professor Donald 'Dimetrodon' Hargreaves is in the ship
The exclamation "Dimetrodon fight!" can be more or less intimidating, depending on the nature of the person who's injected him or herself with the identically named drug. For example, if it's a small child whose irresponsible parents have allowed them to use it as a Halloween costume, it may simply seem adorable. But when it's a Huk-Kral with bladed limbs...
Obtained from

Lab: Dimetrodoned Huk-Kral
Dimetrodon Riot