LotS/Death-Match II

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Death-Match II Consumable - Random Item
Death-Match II
Each Death-Match II contains one of the following:

Quattro Mano (17%)
Moxie Mash Maiden (17%)
Rylattu Philosopher (17%)
Piscarian Masseuse (17%)
Walrus Sharpshooter (17%)
Zunba the Red (7%)
Gera Marl (7%)
Mr. Falyx (7%)
Captain 'Ace' Flashheart (1%)

"I tried to recruit a team of interstellar killers in a bar... But the next day I woke up in a bath full of ice, with my arms and legs missing! After I got better, one of my friends recommended Death-Match. It was great! They have thousands and thousands of dangerous lunatics, all looking for a job. Don't make the same mistake I did! Go to Death-Match first! Oh, and if you see anyone walking around with my arms or legs, shoot them in the face! Lousy bastards..." -- Advertisement for the Death-Match online recruitment site
Obtained from

Limited Time Item (20 GS)


In 2013, Captain 'Ace' Flashheart was the Jackpot item.

Re-Released between 6/5 - 6/12/13 and updated to 1 item per box