LotS/Crimzo the Killer Clown

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Crimzo the Killer Clown Officer
Attack: 54
Defense: 29
Race Human
Role Melee
Attribute Special

Crimzo the Killer Clown
Die Laughing: Chance for bonus damage (172,200); Extra damage against Alliance raids (215,250)
"What's fat, funny, and doesn't get shot in the head? Me! Because you need a clown, <Player>! Oh, I've heard about all the naughty little things you've done. You're not a happy bunny, are you? But if you stick with me, I'll turn that frown upside down! And I'll stab anyone who doesn't laugh at your jokes..." -- Crimzo the Killer Clown
Obtained from

Crimzo the Killer Clown

Required In

Item Hunt: mp