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Ceessu Officer
Attack: 62
Defense: 50
Race Sussurra
Role Melee
Attribute Intellect

Gaseous Gangster: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each Intellect crew in the ship; Extra damage for each Sussurran Enforcer in the ship; Extra damage if Glaanaar is in the ship
"Any fool can bust a guy's head open. But the Contella Consortium needs smart enforcers," Ceessu says. "Guys and gals who know how to make a schmuck hurt just the right amount so he'll talk or pay up. That's why they hired me."

"Plus I bet they save a fortune in tailor's bills," you say.

"Real funny. The boss told me you liked to crack wise. Just make sure they don't end up being your last words..."

Obtained from

Limited Time Item (50 GS)