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Barrage Officer
Attack: 18
Defense: 5
Race Robot
Role Ranged
Attribute Intellect

Coordinated Fire: Chance for bonus damage; Damage increases for each ranged crew in ship

(11,480 damage, +143 damage for each ranged crew in ship)

Barrage carrier more firepower than a squad of regular battle bots. In fact, TALOS loaded so much weaponry into his frame that early trials resulted in him overheating and shutting down. But thanks to some very expensive upgrades, he was finally able to bring his overwhelming arsenal to bear with impunity. Barrage's power lies not only in his array of weapons, however. His multi-optic targeting system allows him to aim and fire each one at a different target simultaneously - enabling him to control an area and destroy multiple opponents with ease.
Obtained from

Expedition Pack (Retired)