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Atreyu Officer
Attack: 387
Defense: 387
Race Human
Role Any
Attribute Any

Eternal Tale: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each Legendary item owned; Increased proc rate (24%) and a small chance to proc twice against Epic and Colossal raids; Atreyu's Attack and Defense increase by 1 for every raid data owned

(12% @ 143,500 + 1,148,000/boost + 7,175/Legendary; Max: 1,585,675)

The eternal tale weaves onward, either chronicling the happenings of the universe or else shaping them through the inscrutable influence of its presence. Who can say what it might record and bring to pass? Trillions of threads twist, unite, or are severed to form its unending tapestry. But some threads shine brighter, stronger than the others. It's these little stories within the greater story of existence, the deeds of individual men and women among the teeming hordes of the galaxy, that draw the eye and capture the imagination. Perhaps Atreyu is one of these. Or else maybe it's his fate to simply record the doings of those who are. But he accepts either destiny with a smile on his lips and a blade in his hand. There are tales to be made, told, and kept. He will play his part, wherever it may lead him.
Obtained from

Lab: Atreyu

Required In

Item Hunt: mp

Proc Rate


Proc Damage (minimum)


Proc Damage (cap)



Proc damage scales off current legendary items owned. +350 damage per Legendary per 1 stam. Proc damage increased by 1,148,000 if Atreyu Proc Boost is owned. Attack and Defense increased by 200 if Atreyu Stat Boost is owned.

Lists of items: Raid Data (125) and Legendary (41)