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Anita Officer
Attack: 16
Defense: 12
Race Human
Role Melee
Attribute Intellect

Ghost in the Machine: Anita's Attack and Defense increase for each Robot crew in the ship

(+5 Attack/Defense)

The only child her age in the remote science outpost where her parents worked, Anita turned to the facility’s robots for companionship. She even studied robotics, demonstrating an amazing aptitude for the subject, so that she could hack their systems and upgrade their social programming – imbuing some of them with a secret personality which they would use around her alone. It was this childhood experience which led her to think that robots had a more complex psychology than others believed – for she noticed that even the ones she hadn’t tampered with began to exhibit signs of personality. As an adult, Anita still finds herself shunning human company, and feels most comfortable around robots.
Obtained from

Rylattu Exterminator

Required In

Item Hunt: Red Thunder


Previously, this officer was announced to give +5 Attack/Defense at level 5. That was a display bug, corrected on may, 8th 2014. Actual damage did not change.